Vladimir Yakovlev – one of the most subtle, sincere and sharp Soviet artists of the second half of the twentieth century – a man of a hard and tragic fate. Even as a young man, he already had a very bad eyesight and he continued to lose his eyesight over the years. He suffered a lot, often had treatments in psychiatric hospitals, and spent the last part of his life in a psycho-neurological boarding school. However, Yakovlev did not cease to create and made his very personal, touching and fragile works. The painting of the mature Yakovlev is spontaneous, not subject to the logic of the generally accepted trends in the history of art, and invariably produces a strong emotional impact with its vulnerability and ingenuity. The artist called his style "magical lyricism."

Passing his passion for abstract expressionism and tachisme, Vladimir Yakovlev finds his very extraordinary figurative style, combining elements of non-objectivity, expressionism and primitivism in the early 1960’s. Sometimes the artist depicts people or creates portraits of friends. But in most cases, his beloved archetypes, it is more correct to even say the leitmotifs, were animals – birds, cats and fish and flowers. Flowers and portraits are beginning to appear in his work since 1958.

A flower is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Yakovlev. Sometimes the artist chooses a composition of a familiar classic still-life and places flowers or a flower in a vase, surrounds them, for example, with furniture and fruits. But most often, as in the presented work of 1968, one or two ascetic flowers are depicted in the foreground, and a «discolored» wasteland outside of time and space extends behind them. Yakovlev believed that flowers are the most beautiful creatures on earth, he did not classify them, preferring to depict conditionally. The "Two blue flowers" – delicate and fragile creatures against the background of a gray indifferent sky and an extinct field, they are a metaphor for the fragility of existence and the search for beauty in simple things. V

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